We Matter Because We Matter to Him.

I love my life. I’ve got a great family, a wonderful husband and I love being a mom to my two precious toddler boys. I enjoy my part time career as a therapist and love being in ministry with my husband. But so often I feel insignificant, overlooked and not worthy. I compare myself to… Continue reading We Matter Because We Matter to Him.


He is our Plenty

Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.” {some versions say “I have what I need”.} The concept here is plenty. David is giving thanks. Obviously it’s super easy to give thanks or offer praises in times of plenty, when you have all you need. As a kid I was taught to… Continue reading He is our Plenty


Boston Adventure Part 2

So I've been meaning to write this post for a while now... It's been easier for me to share on social media then to sit down and write everything we experienced, but I've finally brought myself to a point where writing it out brings closure. It's been 7 weeks since Ezra went back for surgery… Continue reading Boston Adventure Part 2


40 Questions to ask your doctors about Craniosynostosis.

Several fellow cranio parents have asked me what questions we asked during our consult for a 2nd opinion (we also had a 3rd opinion via email) so I’ve compiled my list. When Ezra was diagnosed I started doing a TON of research and talking to other moms to gather as much information as possible on… Continue reading 40 Questions to ask your doctors about Craniosynostosis.


Boston Adventure Part 1.

Last week we traveled to Boston, MA for a 30 minute consult with some of the country's leading doctors in cranio-facial plastic surgery (Dr. John Meara) & neurosurgery (Dr. Mark Proctor). When we first learned about craniosynostosis I took to my "frienemy" a.k.a. google to find out more about it. The first video that came… Continue reading Boston Adventure Part 1.


I’m Obsessed with Sleep! Sleep scheduling for your little ones!

How many of you other mamas out there are obsessed with your sleep? Before I had Ezra I literally slept 10+ hours a night & dreaded the sleep deprivation that newborns bring. From the moment I brought the little one home I was obsessed with figuring out how to get Ezra to sleep longer then… Continue reading I’m Obsessed with Sleep! Sleep scheduling for your little ones!


Craniosynostosis (cray-nee-o-sin-o-stow-sis)

The premature fusion of an infant’s skull… or as I like to call it the cutest baby syndrome. We all think our kids are the cutest but mine serious is the cutest! Ever since he was born we always joked that he looked like a little ole grumpy man. We never thought that little ole… Continue reading Craniosynostosis (cray-nee-o-sin-o-stow-sis)


Breastfeeding, formula, reflux & FPIES…

Breast is best! Yes, I agree Brest is best, but sometimes FED is best. I never considered formula for my son. It was too expensive, why would I switch to formula if I can produce free food for my son first the first year of his life. Well, no one told me how DIFFICULT breastfeeding… Continue reading Breastfeeding, formula, reflux & FPIES…


The story of Ezra James…

The day had finally come, my “elected” c-section, which really wasn’t elected at all. They basically told me my old option was to have a c-section but because it was scheduled they considered it elected. I was in a bad car accident 2 weeks prior and they discovered the baby was breeched. I personally am… Continue reading The story of Ezra James…