About Me

Hi, I’m Kate & these are my diaries!

I am a mom to two precious little boys, Ezra (3) and Nehemiah (1), and a wife to a wonderful christian man.

My husband serves as a pastors at a christian church in Orlando, FL. Being a pastors wife has it challenges but is such a blessings to my heart and I couldn’t imagine not being a ministry family.

I have an undergraduate degree in ministry and a graduate degree in counseling psychology from an awesome christian university in South Florida. I’ve enjoyed working in a variety of settings, some secular and some christian, but mostly all with children and families. I currently work at our church as a Christian therapist, which I absolutely love.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom and couldn’t wait to get pregnant! As soon as my son was born, I shut down my private counseling practice to pursue motherhood as a stay at home- part time working mom!

I entered motherhood with some unrealistic expectations about what motherhood would be like & before my first little man was born realized my expectations were about to be crushed. There is a lot of joy in being a mom but God has used the last 3 years as one big growing experience!

Sitting on the couch watching endless re-runs of netflix favorites while trying to figure out the craziness that is breastfeeding, I realized I needed a hobby. So I’ve turned to blogging in hopes that God may use this platform as means of encouraging other mama’s out there.

All my mom friends know that being a mom, rather stay at home or working, is not a glamorous job. It comes with it’s ups and downs but is the most rewarding task the Lord can give a woman. Some days I’m blessed to pack my work bag and leave the babies for a few hours and other days I’m blessed to stay home with 2 stubborn, happy, energetic, toddlers; who I love with all that I am.

My prayer is that as your read, the Lord will bless your heart & you won’t feel alone in your journey of motherhood because girl– moms need to stick together!

— Kate